According to reports, Kanye West owns the largest album debut album in 2021 with “Donda” and became the first artist of this century to have the top 10 albums.

#Roommates, the past few months have been a whirlwind for us Kanye West And his loyal fans, due to multiple delays, endless listening activities, and speculation about the features included, people’s expectations for his 10th album “Donda” have reached incredible heights-but all of this All of them have got a lot of return figures in his recent sales.

According to @Billboard, Kanye West officially owns the country’s first album with “Donda”, which sold 327,000 copies in the first week. These figures also mean that Kanye has the biggest debut of the year, surpassing the former leader Olivia Rodrigo, who sold 295,000 vehicles in June. However, this is not the only record that Ye has broken, because his current ranking means that he is the first artist of this century to release 10 albums for the first time in Billboard 200.

Now in terms of streaming media, Kanye’s figures are also record-breaking. ‘Donda’ There are more than 775 million global streaming media, of which 442 million are from Spotify and 242 million are from Apple Music. The album also set a record of No. 1 in 152 countries/regions, and his live broadcast event broke the record every time it was released.

As we have also reported, he has two singles from “Donda” currently in the top 10 of the Billboard 100, “Hurricane” is ranked 6th, and “Jail” is ranked 10th. There is also a much-watched “Leak Event” Party Life” starring Kanye, Andre 3000, released without permission from his competitor Drake.

At the same time, Ye’s agent recently stated that there is a “Don Da” tour in preparation, but this will be very different from any tour fans are used to. Fans speculate that this may be similar to the format Kanye created for his three listening events this summer.

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