According to reports, Erica Mena cited Safaree as a cause of stress in a new legal document, claiming that he had not helped during a recent pregnancy-related hospitalization

Wow! This time, Erica Mena and Safaree seem to have taken a different approach to their relationship issues. The couple were notorious for shooting each other on social media, but the two did not talk much about their divorce online. Instead, they have been spitting out legal documents to each other, and this time, Erica claimed that Safari made her feel a lot of pressure!

According to the documents obtained TMZ, Erica claimed that she was recently hospitalized due to stress related to the divorce drama and said that Safaree was the culprit. Erica said that Safaree did not support other needs, especially during her recent hospital stay.

The legal document states that Safari “did not participate in her care or visit her in the hospital during the most recent hospital stay, and she spent many days there because she was pregnant.”

As we reported earlier, Safari recently submitted his own documents, asking the judge to grant the couple the right to jointly custody the children and requiring him to be present at the birth of the second child.

In the new document, Erica Mena stated that she did not believe that Safaree made these requests out of pure intent, and that he did so only “hoping to get’good publicity’ and paintings.” [Erica] As an instigator, and in fact, [Erica’s] The only parent who ensures the safety of both children’s children and acts in their best interests.

Erica also responded to Safaree’s request to be present at the birth of their second child, saying that she would leave this decision to herself and her doctor.

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