A piece of raw chicken spins on the airport luggage conveyor belt

For those who don’t know, the Transportation Security Administration has a Official Instagram account Has nearly a million fans. You would think that their pages will be full of text and pictures, explaining airport rules or general announcements. However, a look at the social media people proves that they, without a doubt, understand their mission! The TSA page recently shared a video of raw chicken spinning on the luggage conveyor belt, and the pun continued to fly.

“There is a private poultry on the merry-go-round,” TSA wrote in the title. “Do chickens fly? Hmm…definitely no poultry flies like this. We once heard that these wings and thighs were kept in a cooler. Somewhere between the luggage and the conveyor belt, they became free range The place.”

The video clip timed out in 10 seconds, but it goes without saying. A series of raw chicken pieces are placed on the luggage conveyor belt, between the two suitcases you actually want to see at the luggage claim area-the suitcase.

The unknown number of chicken drumsticks area, dazzling, seems to be crowded together. As TSA said, during the process from check-in to baggage claim, the chicken lost its container, but it did not lose its blocky shape. TSA made sure to include some packaging techniques in their pun title The next person who needs to travel Served with a few pounds of raw meat.

“Don’t waste your travel packaging,” TSA wrote. “In order to avoid staining any feathers, the meat should be properly packaged. Ice or dry ice is allowed to keep the chickens cool.”

By now, you may be wondering how this unsanitary packaging is placed on the conveyor belt. The video did not show any packing material near the poultry bundle. Therefore, we don’t know if employees might have seen this and said “well, not today”.

Unfortunately, apart from marking Seattle, Washington as a position in the post, TSA didn’t give much. However, they make sure to assure travelers that they can help avoid such incidents at any time if needed.

TSA wrote: “If you are looking for travel highlights on the Internet, you can contact our hens and roosters on #AskTSA.” “They will answer your original travel question and give a good answer.”

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