A Florida judge shuts down Governor Ron DeSantis’ public school ban on masks and called it “illegal”

#室友, after weeks of strong opposition and legal threats, a Florida judge finally made a decision on the governor’s issue Ron DeSantis‘Require public schools to enforce the ban on wearing masks is highly controversial. In a recent ruling, a judge stated that Ron DeSantis’ initial attempt to ban anti-mask authorizations for schools to require students to wear masks was “illegal” because of the new COVID- 19 The case rate remains the highest.

@NBCNews reports, Leon County Judge John C. Cooper, Florida Formal rule Ron DeSantis’ anti-mask order is unconstitutional. After a fierce four-day trial, Judge Cooper said that Florida school districts have the right to make policies, such as mandatory masks, provided that they have “convincing national interests” and have “tailor-made” action plans. He also explained that he is taking action to prevent Florida agencies from implementing DeSantis’ extensive orders and opposing the local mask injunction, which violates Florida’s separation of powers regulations. He further slammed DeSantis, saying that “the defendant’s actions did not pass the constitutional review. They tried to deprive the school board of rights in advance.”

As expected, the representative of Governor DeSantis’ office immediately fouled the ruling, especially lashing out at Judge Cooper. “It is not surprising that Judge Cooper will judge the rights of parents and their ability to make the best educational and medical decisions for their families, but the politicians who rule the voters,” said Taryn Fenske, Dennis’ communications director. It also made it clear that the state plans to appeal the decision of Judge Cooper and return to court.

Fenske elaborated, “We will continue to defend the laws of Florida and the rights of parents, and will immediately appeal to the First District Court of Appeal. We believe that we will win the case on the merits.”

As we previously reported, the chaos began in July, when Ron DeSantis banned local schools from requiring students to wear masks. A few weeks later, he went further and threatened to withhold the salaries of school officials who ignored his orders to enforce mask regulations.

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