21 Savage shared his top five of the greatest R&B artists of all time

There seems to be a conversation about music every month. There are always some music debates online, whether it’s the hottest album, the best TikTok dance, or the best sleeping artist. However, when it comes to the greatest debate ever, this dialogue is still ongoing.Over the weekend, Lizzo shared her The greatest ever The list, recently, there is 21 Savage.

In the latest episode of the “Million Dollar Game Value” podcast, after the hosts Gillie Da Kid and Wallo asked him, he shared his top five favorite R&B artists of all time. Anyone who likes a rapper knows that he likes some R&B, but I don’t think podcast viewers would expect some of the names he shared. 21 answered the question, but first gave up the disclaimer, saying: “I really can’t say disorder, but I will give you five.” “Bank account” rapper names are in no particular order, they are Mary J. Blige , Usher, Aaliyah and Keith Sweat.

However, what shocked Varlo was the last singer he named. “I didn’t lie, Avant. I was fucking with Avant,” 21 said. Vallow responded: “Damn, I don’t think he will date Avant.” Avant is a great R&B singer with a solid career in the mid-2000s. Most people are familiar with his hit record, “My First Love”, featuring Kirk Wyatt, “Separation” and “Understanding Your Thoughts”. The roommates also agreed that Avant was underestimated and it was worth his flowers! One commented: “I like his list very much. Avant sleeps very heavily.” If you know, Avant recently gave up new music. His song “Nothing without You (remix)” is now released.

Roommates, what do you think of the 21 list? !

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