2020 U.S. Census data shows a decline in the white population

According to the 2020 U.S. Census data, the country has become more diverse, and the white population seems to be declining.

Yahoo! According to reports, the white population is still the largest in the country, but as more and more people claim to belong to two or more races, the number of their representatives has dropped by 8.6%.

According to @reuters, the number of people identified as multiracial has increased from 9 million to 33.8 million, an increase of 276% in ten years.

According to Reuters, “According to data, the largest ethnic group in California is Hispanics, accounting for 39.4% of the total population. This is the first time.”

This information will help “re-division of constituencies and help shape the distribution of federal spending”, Yahoo! Report.

Nicholas Jones, Director of Race and Ethnic Studies and Outreach and Senior Advisor, Census Bureau, said in part, “The 2020 Census reclassification data released today provides a new snapshot of the country’s racial and ethnic composition and diversity.”

“The 2020 Census found that whites are still the largest racial or ethnic group in the country. A total of 235.4 million people are identified as white alone or combined with other groups. However, since 2010, the number of people identified as white has decreased. 8.6%.”

According to CNN, those who are not “whites, blacks, Asians, American Indians, Native Hawaiians, or Pacific Islanders-either alone or in combination with one of these races” increased to 49.9 million. According to the Census Bureau, 46.9 million people are the “second largest ethnic group” in the United States.

CNN also reported that the Hispanic population has grown from 16.3% to 18.7% in ten years. “The 2020 Census confirms what we have known for many years-the future of this country is Latino,” said Arturo Vargas, chief executive of the National Association of Latino Election and Appointment Officials Education Fund.

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