The statistical secrets of the Covid-19 vaccine

This is an old question in the public health community-do all these numbers help people or overwhelm them. But more and more information about vaccines seems to alleviate rather than exacerbate hesitation.... Read more »

Twitter Group provides Covid-19 lifeline to India

In Srinagar, I live in the city of Kashmir managed by India, and the streets are empty under the blockade. However, through Twitter, I heard desperate voices from all over India: a... Read more »

How China invaded Uyghurs with its award-winning iPhone

In March 2017, a group of hackers from China arrived in Vancouver with the goal of discovering hidden weaknesses in the most popular technology in the world. Google’s Chrome browser, Microsoft’s Windows... Read more »

How to stop AI from recognizing your face in selfies

Fawkes has been downloaded nearly 500,000 times. Project website.A user also created a Online version, To make it easier for people to use (although Wenger will not provide guarantees for third parties... Read more »

Why sticking to Trump’s Facebook ban won’t break the cycle

“It is inappropriate to impose indefinite and unlimited penalties on Facebook,” Decided to read. The board of directors wrote that Facebook needs to review the matter on its own and “determine and... Read more »

How weird elastin cell signals can help track wildfire smoke

Like a big forest fire Raging Eastern Australia In January 2020, Deadly haze Settling in Melbourne, this is a clear sign that residents are staying indoors. However, the beating signals on their... Read more »

The time has come to stop the next pandemic. Can prizes help?

Difficult The critical moment of the global pandemic.Same many situations Be diagnosed In the past two weeks, as in the first six months of the pandemic, led by Brazil and India, More... Read more »

When you jump into hyperspace, make sure to fasten your seat belt

Another year Another Star Wars Day, May 4 is with you.According to my tradition, I want take some element From Star wars with do some Cool physical.For this year’s post, I will... Read more »

Where is the dark matter?Looking for a suspiciously warm planet

We are taking a bath The uncertain universe. Astrophysicists generally believe that about 85% of the mass in the universe comes from strange particles that are still assumed to be dark matter.... Read more »

Why not turn the airport into a giant solar farm?

next time If you stare into the airplane window during takeoff or landing, scan the airport. You will see hangars and other supporting buildings, and of course the terminal building. But in... Read more »