Funimation’s Crunchyroll acquisition means that big anime is here

At the beginning of this month, Funimation eventually acquired Crunchyroll for $1.175 billion, merged the animation giants of Sony and AT&T, and laid the foundation for the turmoil in the industry. The... Read more »

11 best wireless earbuds for exercise (2021)

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Dell Latitude 7320 detachable review: an excellent but overpriced hybrid car

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So… what if an alien quantum computer can explain dark energy?

When i live In the Bay Area, I used to party with my friends Jaylen Lanier Explore the meaning of extremely strange thought experiments. Weird thought experiments have always been indispensable in... Read more »

“Mass Effect” is a utopia for patients with chronic diseases

Then there is Tali. Traditionally, people with weakened immune function would use the “boy in the bubble” as a metaphor.Think about Song Fei In the episode, the characters visited a young man... Read more »

Is the off-label prescription a backdoor to vaccinate children with Covid?

However, a difficult reality is that many drugs have been used beyond the instructions in children. Before 2003, when the legislation Changed the permission rules, There is no requirement to test drugs... Read more »

Meet the little-known geniuses who helped Pixar make it possible

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Zoom Dysmorphia follows people into the real world

Last summer, when The clinic is temporarily reopening, and dermatologist Shadi Kourosh has noticed a worrying trend-a surge in appearance-related appointment requests. “It seems that at that time, other things will become... Read more »

An experimental birth control measure attacks sperm like a virus

For thousands of years, People have come up with some very effective ways to avoid having children. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks used linen sheaths and animal bladders, which were the predecessors... Read more »

Our favorite paper planner (2021): planner, pens, stickers, etc.

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