Five reasons why you don’t have to panic about the coronavirus variant

2. Strong immune response Scientists testing the efficacy of vaccines usually focus on antibodies and their ability to prevent viruses from infecting cells. In laboratory experiments, they mixed the blood of a... Read more »

Podcast: Can AI fix your credit?

Credit scores have been used for decades to assess consumer creditworthiness, but their scope is far greater now that they are powered by algorithms. Not only do they consider vastly more data,... Read more »

ASUS Zenfone 8 review: powerful, small and clumsy

Unremarkable and unforgettable. This is the latest way I describe Asus Zenfone 8 Android smartphone. That doesn’t mean it is a bad phone. It has a high-end processor that can quickly run... Read more »

PS5 is starting to look like the revolution it deserves

But by 2020, when the X series and PlayStation 5 arrive to mark the arrival of a new generation, these expectations have changed a bit. PS5 may have released a dozen games,... Read more »

Humans need to create money between species to save the planet

Biggest failure How far is the digital age from nature? The microchip has no circadian rhythm and no computer breathing. The network is intangible. This may indicate a life-threatening situation. I believe... Read more »

Allbirds-Adidas Futurecraft.Footprint running shoes: details, price, release date

The upper of the new shoes is a mesh made of 70% recycled polyester fiber and 30% Tencel. Tencel is a cellulose fiber material made of wood pulp, which is also common... Read more »

help!A male colleague thought I was scared

Dear OOO, I am a female middle manager in a medium-sized company. “Ben”, a male colleague I was relatively close to, told me, “Steve”, a male colleague I was not close to,... Read more »

Watch the snake robot swimming

When the sea snake When swimming, they wander through the water by shaking their flat tails. This is very graceful, but requires a lot of coordination.So when the roboticists at Carnegie Mellon... Read more »

DeepMind wants to use AI to change football

In March 1950, Charles Reep, a Royal Air Force captain and well-trained accountant, turned to football. Reep became interested in the sport in the 1930s and was fascinated by Herbert Chapman’s pioneer... Read more »

Cases that let people always work from home

In 2020, because During the Covid-19 pandemic, Nearly 70% of full-time employees work from home. Many employers who may never consider offering the necessary remote work options. Now, as companies consider their... Read more »