All these electric cars are causing trouble in building roads

Last week, Washington Governor Jay Inslee ran for president two years ago when he proposed to ban the sale of gasoline-powered cars nationwide by 2030, but he vetoed a nationwide ban on... Read more »

Encoder Dee Tuck’s mission is to help diversify Hollywood

Dietak has Heard all excuses. “I want to hire more women, but I just don’t know where they are.” Yes. “I want to hire more people of color, I just don’t know... Read more »

The full story of the shocking RSA Hack can finally be told

That afternoon, Coviello published an open letter to RSA customers on the company’s website. The letter read: “Recently, our security system has discovered an extremely complex cyber attack.” “Although we are currently... Read more »

The western United States is experiencing a hot, dry and dangerous summer

In New Mexico, half of the states face “exceptional drought” conditions, and the water area Delayed allocation To farmers and Urge them If possible, do not grow crops at all. According to... Read more »

How space weather disrupted NASA’s return to the moon

Yes, there is weather in space. The surface of the sun is erupted by gas and plasma, ejecting charged particles (protons, electrons, and heavy ions) into the rest of the solar system... Read more »

Twitter’s photo cropping algorithm is good for whites and women

Last fall, Canada Student Colin Madland noticed TwitterHis automatic cropping algorithm continuously selects his face from the photos of the two, instead of his darker colleague, and then displays it in the... Read more »

Embracing the rapid pace of AI

In a recent survey, “2021 Thriving in an AI World,” KPMG found that across every industry—manufacturing to technology to retail—the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) is increasing year over year. Part of... Read more »

My mother is gone.But her digital voice helps me stay healthy

One afternoon A few months before my mother died of colon cancer, I was crowded in her bed, lying side by side with her and my aunt, and my 8-month-old daughter played... Read more »

Zombie fires may erupt in Alaska and Canada

Every winter Alaska and northern Canada are covered in snow, wildfires are extinguished in summer, and are calm, at least on the surface. Under all the white silence, some of these fires... Read more »

The best sex toys and techniques for every body (2021): vibrator, wand massager, etc.

Sex technology has In the past 10 years, great progress has been made, not only in terms of cultural acceptance and awareness, but also in terms of technology. Gone are the days... Read more »