Top researchers call for a real investigation into the origin of covid-19

This letter was organized by Stanford University microbiologist David Relman (David Relman) and Washington University virologist Jesse Bloom (Jesse Bloom), aimed at the World Health Organization and China’s recent A joint study... Read more »

Artificial intelligence shows ExxonMobil’s role in climate change fades

1977 to In 2014, 80% of ExxonMobil’s internal research supported the following view: Human activities are the cause of climate change. But in the same period, 80% of the public statements of... Read more »

We need to design a sense of distrust of the AI ​​system to make it safer

Interestingly, you are talking about how to actively design a sense of distrust of the system in this situation to make it more secure. Yes, this is what you have to do.... Read more »

Graduation gift ideas (2021): 16 best gifts for your college graduation

this is A school year is different. In the context of the global pandemic, most people’s lives are forced to shut down and wake up every morning, Sign in to zoom Taking... Read more »

“Resident Evil Village” is too conscious to fully enjoy themselves

Protagonist Ethan Winters (Ethan Winters) of Resident Evil Village, Woke up from being stabbed half-dead, and found himself in a scene of debt Hell killer Like Jim Henson’s maze. He saw a... Read more »

Apple’s AirTag is a gift for stalkers

When apple first When Steve Jobs announced the launch of the iPod, he promised to put “thousands of songs in your pocket.” Twenty years later, when Apple launched its newest device, AirTags,... Read more »

Game influencers are the future of e-sports

Publishers are also working hard to recover their investment in e-sports. Chris Greeley, the head of e-sports for Riot Games, told Wired that Riot is “achieving a breakeven” in its e-sports. In... Read more »

Can’t find the page wired

Wired is where tomorrow is realized. It is an important source of meaningful information and ideas in a constantly changing world. The WIRED dialogue clarified how technology can change every aspect of... Read more »

Will the robot become my boss?

Support request: Law enforcement agencies are increasingly using robots to eliminate threats, surveillance and hostage situations, which makes me uneasy.Maybe i just watched Robocop Too many times, but I remain vigilant about... Read more »

The best personal security devices, apps and alerts

Your smartphone or wearable device can help you in truly dangerous situations. Here are some options to consider. Source link Read more »