Soundcloud: Looking Back And Moving Forward

Last year was a tumultuous one for the Berlin-based music streaming platform Soundcloud. Once seen a tech juggernaut on the up-trend expected to surpass a $1 billion dollar valuation, Soundcloud has stumbled... Read more »

Patients to Save up to 70% with 123 Clinic Expert Medical Services

As growing diffusions in the American health care sector emerge between the GOP and Democrats spurring a number of physicians expressing disgust over the latest Republican replacement of the Affordable Care Act... Read more »

URGENT WARNING on BITCOIN and It’s Brethren by Jordan Belfort – Wolf of Wall Street

Bitcoin Warning by Wolf of Wall Street: Jordan Belfort, who is called Wold of Wall Street posted a lengthy message to his audience to sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as soon as... Read more »
Crypto Crash

CryptoCurrency Crash – The market is facing the hugest corrections ever

Crypto Crash: Let’s keep watching. Like I always tell us, this jungle is for the die-hard and not the feeble-minded, If you were among those FOMOed into BTC at $20,000, your investment... Read more »

Plumbing Upgrades You Can Get For Your Home

Every homeowner’s goal is to have a property that provides a safe and comfortable space for their needs. Due to this goal, those who own a house strive to make their respective... Read more »