Bigg Boss Tamil Elimination: Oviya Evicted from the House this week

Bigg Boss Tamil: Bigg Boss became a most important TV show in Tamil Nadu, which got a fame in a very short period of time. Within its 40 days, the show has already reached number 1 position in the TV Channels TRP ratings. In the week 6 elimination, Oviya, Julie, and Vaiyapuri were nominated earlier this week.

This time, again other contestants cornered Oviya mentally and she lost her confidence. She falls in love with Arav from the beginning and now she realized that she got cheated and wanted to get out of the Bigg Boss house. A day ago, she tried committing suicide after her breakup with Arav which became a big issue in the house as well as created a buzz on the social network.

Bigg Boss Oviya Elimination

But she refused the statement on suicide and said she never tried committing suicide. Today, Bigg Boss officially announced that Oviya is the one to be eliminated from the house this week. For this week Bigg Boss vote, she is the one who got so many votes and leading at the top of the nominees, Julie got the least number of votes, But since Oviya herself wanted to leave the house, She is allowed to do so.

She already got eliminated yesterday and that episode will be telecasted tonight in the Vijay TV.