Crypto Crash

Investing in Bitcoin and Altcoins? Learn these Important things Before you Get started

Investing in Bitcoin: Are you planning to invest your hard earned money in Bitcoin or Altcoins? Then this is for you, check out these important things and learn them before investing on... Read more »

What will Happen to the Crypto currencies in 2018?

Crypto Currency in 2018: Having been in this space for a while, I see a lot of parallels between the ICO wave today and the altcoin wave of 2014. The initial hype... Read more »
Crypto Crash

Bitcoin crossed $17,000 Should You Buy Now?

Bitcoin Price: Bitcoin crossed a new landmark of $17,000 this month. That’s an achievement for Bitcoin as more and more people are investing in it. However, there is always a question that everybody... Read more »

NAGA Coin – A Smart Cryptocurrency for Gaming & Financial Trading

NAGA Coin ICO: NAGA performed the fastest IPO in Germany in the history of 10 years. Currently trading at 500% above issue price. A smart new cryptocurrency for gaming and financial trading featuring... Read more »
How to Buy IOTA

IOTA Predictions 2018 – Is this a Good Time to Buy IOTA?

IOTA Latest News & Price Predictions: IOTA Cryptocurrency which skyrockets a few days ago to $6 now dropped to $3. Many investors claimed they are throwing fake and unofficial information about IOTA... Read more »
Crypto Crash

Big Fish Stepping into Bitcoin Waters – December 10 and 18 Another Big Hit?

Bitcoin Water: Generally, joy and optimism are awaiting the new market players that will join the Bitcoin realm, their pockets full of fresh cash to invest and add to the demand, when... Read more »
IRS, FBI conduct nighttime investigation at Cleveland City Hall

IRS, FBI conduct late night investigation at Cleveland City Hall

Cleveland – According to the report, the agents from three agencies (IRS, FBI, and HUD) visited Cleveland City Hall and conducting an investigation after business hours on Wednesday late night. IRS Special Agent... Read more »
Ventura county fire in California

Ventura county fire in California burns 65000 acres – Space Photo

Ventura County fire: Thomas Fire has burned more than 65,000 acres in Ventura County. And a fastly moving fire grew to 7,000 acres in the Santa Clarita area and there is remained at 5 percent... Read more »
UnitedHealth to buy DaVita Medical clinics for $4.9 billion

UnitedHealth to buy DaVita Medical clinics for $4.9 billion

UnitedHealth Group Inc announced on Wednesday about their plans to expand further its medical offerings with the deal of $4.9 billion to buy DaVita Medical Group, looking to bolster its primary and urgent care... Read more »
How to Buy IOTA

IOTA Events, Upcoming News, Price Forecasts & Predictions

IOTA Latest News: Today, IOTA entered into the top 4 cryptocurrencies list and dominated the Ripple. IOTA has surpassed the market valuation of the more popular cryptocurrencies Litecoin, Dash, and Monero. Only... Read more »