Sarita Chauhan

Sarita Chauhan talks about the rewards of Volunteer work

Sarita Chauhan, a long-term resident of Reston, VA is deeply involved in her local community. Just a couple of weekends ago, she was seen volunteering behind a concession stand, serving popcorn and... Read more »
Iraqi Dinar Revolution

Why Iraqi Dinar Revaluation is Necessary in Boosting Iraqi Economy?

Iraqi Dinar Revaluation: The Iraqi dinar was considered as one of the strongest currencies in the region. This currency experienced a number of ups and downs in the past. The Iraqi government... Read more »

Differio Menswear Anticipates Major Expansion Plans Outside New York

It’s not unusual for Differio to unload international shipments of embroidered skinny jeans and sequined tank tops – exclusively designed for men. Based in the hub of New York, their warehouse is... Read more »
Squaw valley

Squaw Valley Legend Andy Wirth Announces Retirement

Squaw Valley CEO Andy Wirth has announced his retirement after eight years with the company. He joined the organization in August 2010, replacing former CEO Nancy Cushing.  We are honored to have... Read more »

Ryan Van Wagenen Views on What Cryptocurrency Will Be Like In 2020

Ryan Van Wagenen of Global Private Equity has been involved in technology based private equity for nearly a decade.  Over the past few years, Van Wagenen has been involved with cryptocurrency and... Read more »

Turnitin Scam, seized control of student intellectual property – A True Story

Guys, I’ve just had the most devastating rejection of my life, because of Turnitin, and I have never been a cheater – actually, I got punished for being good. You know I... Read more »

Music and animation Licensing by Kathleen Daniel

Kathleen Daniel (Minneapolis, Minnesota) is an artist, filmmaker and singer-songwriter based in Germany. Daniel has lived in New York, San Mateo, and Los Angeles. Growing up in a Minneapolis ghetto was belittling... Read more »
Customer Service training

Paramount Training & Development’s Quality Customer Service Training

Customer Service Training Perth: It is always important to find best Customer Service Training company before joining and spending your money. Paramount Training and Development provides Quality training in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth,... Read more »
Ryan Van Wagenen Technology

Ryan Van Wagenen and Travel Tips That Can Lead To Increased Net Worth

Since 2000, Ryan Van Wagenen has flown over 1,000,000 miles and has learned a trick or two about traveling during that time.  When it comes to travel, there are many different ways... Read more »

Cardano Coin Price is declined 6.76% in a hour

Cardano Coin Price: Cardano is a technology platform that runs the Ada cryptocurrency. Daedalus is the cryptocurrency wallet that holds Ada. It was created by blockchain development firm Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK)... Read more »